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Family and Pediatric Medical Services are available for you from 8 to 8

Our Hours of operation are 8 am-8 pm to ensure more access to quality care for our patients. We specialize in several pediatric and family practice services and procedures such as newborn, newborn circumcisions, minor emergencies, strep, flu, RSV, anxiety, asthma exacerbations. We also have an EKG machine and an in-house phlebotomist.

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See Your Doctors From the Confort of your Home

Prueba la telemedicina. Consulte a nuestros médicos desde la comodidad de su hogar, para mantenerlo seguro, ahora estamos programando visitas al médico a través del teléfono After the COVID-19 pandemic, Telemedicine has become more convenient than ever. It is critical to take steps to prepare for, respond to, and mitigate the spread of COVID-19, particularly by increasing Texans’ access to treatment and testing. Telemedicine has emerged as a vital tool in combating the spread of infectious diseases, in part because it limits physical contact between a patient and their physician and other patients. Limiting person-to-person contact is key to slowing the spread of this virus

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